Pippin Wigglesworth
Quarter Past Nothing


“So it goes. You try to ease Friday off the shelf and the next thing you know the whole weekend comes crashing down on you.” Thus begins Pippin Wigglesworth’s blistering chronicle of excess in sleepy Switzerland, somewhere between the high and the hangover, between in medias res and ex post facto, at that point in the night where (to paraphrase David Foster Wallace) the Fun drops off the Too Much. Quarter Past Nothing unfolds in short, blunt chapters, alternating between wild nights and the hungover mundanity of university life that follows them as the narrator, Pippin, moves inexorably towards his inevitable breaking point.

Written first as a series of blog posts while the author was in rehab, Quarter Post Nothing caused a sensation in Switzerland on publication in 2008, quickly selling out of its first printing. The book remains a stirring document of post-adolescent anomie and a frank exploration of post-Stonewall homosexuality, a Catcher in the Rye for the Facebook generation, offering a Salinger-like “No thanks” to the unquestioned conventions of respectable society. Bracing, hilarious and melancholy by turns, Quarter Past Nothing captures perfectly what Wallace once wrote: that one of the saddest times you ever feel is the invisible pivot where the party ends.


photoPippin Wigglesworth (1983, Zürich) is a British-Swiss author who lives and works in Berlin. During his high-school years he became an organizer of high-society parties and developed a notorious persona in Zürich nightlife. In 2008 his first novel was published from edited blog entries, documenting his decline into addiction. It became a bestseller in Switzerland. Wigglesworth subsequently went into rehab, abandoned university and moved to Berlin. He co-founded Palomar5, a think tank, and Wandering Magazine. Since 2015 Wigglesworth is a business manager in e-commerce. He continues to write and publish autobiographical literature.


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September 11, 2016